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Discover our online platform to help screening for obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome (OSAHS) from a simple electrocardiogram sensor.

Homme dort syndrome apnée du sommeil

Sleep apnea syndrome

Obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome (OSAHS) is a disorder characterized by stops (apneas) or decreases in breathing (hypopnea) during sleep, caused by an obstruction of the upper airways. Inducing a restless sleep, the consequences can be multiple: daytime sleepiness, loss of productivity, industrial and traffic accidents, ...


Knowing that smoking, high blood pression and obesity can be aggravating factors, OSAHS is a major public health issue worldwide, and especially in France.

Diagnostic apnée du sommeil médecin


Whereas OSAHS affects 4% of the French population, only 20% of them are diagnosed. However, INSERM (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research) underlines that this figure is probably underestimated, due to a strong difference in symptoms from one patient to another. Moreover, recent studies have demonstrated that around 40% of patients consulting a cardiologist also suffer from sleep apnea syndrome. 

The current diagnosis involves a sleep recording by polysomnography (night spent in a specialized institution, which records many physiological signals), or by nocturnal respiratory polygraphy (performed on an outpatient care). However, no OSHAS screening tool exists for cardiologists. 

spineo innovation

NOVIGA has developed SPINEO : from a simple ECG recording, worn all night long by the patient, the embedded algorithm by SPINEO helps the cardiologist to perform a quick and simple OSAHS screening.

HOW does it work?

SPINEO workflow

schema spineo anglais .png

Some key dates ...



CE marking of SPINEO.



Creation of NOVIGA.

Creation of SPINEO,  embedding the algorithm.

PhD work at University of Lorraine on an algorithm for the detection of sleep apnea syndrome from an ECG signal.

patient comfort

Patients spend the night home, only wearing a simple ECG sensor.


2 in 1 : our solution allows the cardiologist to achieve its cardiac analysis along a screening for sleep apnea.

Time saving

SPINEO helps in the screening of OSAHS by highlighting interest zones in signals and therefore, facilitates exam reading.


SPINEO is available from any computer, 24/7.

SPINEO, a platform for physicians

Intended for cardiologists, please contact NOVIGA to access the platform or one of our medical partners.

SPINEO platform is a class I medical device manufactured in January 2021 by NOVIGA, which is not reimbursed by health insurance organizations. It allows, from Holter electrocardiograms, to provide an assistance for the diagnosis of sleep apnea syndrome, for healthcare professionals trained in this field. Please read carefully the instructions for use. SPINEO is an assistance in diagnosis and can in no way replace the advice of a trained healthcare professional. In case of discrepancy between the analysis results provided by SPINEO and the clinical context, it is recommended to perform additional medical exams, such as polysomnography. SPINEO is a regulated health product, which, under this regulation, bears CE marking.

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